About Me


I am a data scientist with an extensive background in Chemistry, Bioinformatics and Education.

As a data scientist I specialize in applying and developing new software to analyze large datasets on cloud computing platforms like AWS and GCP.   I’m currently becoming more of an expert at applying cheminformatics techniques to  the process of collaborative drug discovery.

As a Chemist I specialize in applying and developing new molecular simulation software (from quantum-mechanical to coarse-grained) that enables engineering of materials for energy conversion and storage.  I have worked on:

  1. The optimization of chromophores for a solar window
  2. The modeling of molecular chaperone aggregation in E. coli
  3. The development of software that enables the design of new polymers
  4. The development of software that predicts disease status through analysis of metagenomic sequencing data of the lung microbiota in patients with Cystic Fibrosis

In my spare time I enjoy analyzing data from the Human Microbiome Project in order to try to better understand the microbial influences of rare diseases.  I’m currently working on the development of new software that leverages neural networks and deep learning to predict the probability of rare disease onset in a research subject given the composition of their fecal microbiota.